There are many products or websites out there that you can use for your dental jobs. Publishing a job is not an issue for most people. Why another one?

Well - DentAway is an end to end dental hiring platform. It's not a publishing platform where content gets dumped and consumed at some point. We designed DentAway to solve quite a few inefficiencies in the current dental hiring process as outlined below.

DentAway is the dental recruitment platform to manage dental candidates, jobs, payments, interviews and hiring - in less time and with less effort. We make dental hiring modern, simple and fun - a platform that fits any practice size.

With DentAway you can

Cut unnecessary costs

Reduce your dental hiring spend with DentAway
With DentAway you can reduce your dental recruitment spend

With the current hiring stack available out there, you can easily end up paying for multiple accounts, tools and/or integrations. And that's almost fine because that's what you can find out there. But there is a better way: have all you need, integrated in the same working space. You don't need to pay for multiple digital tools - only have a decent one.

On DentAway you have everything available from day 1 - a fully integrated platform. You only pay for what you use. That's simple. And guess what - you will always have something free on us. Guaranteed.

The best part is that DentAway beta is completely free. Not because it is in beta mode or quality, but because we are working on our pricing model to make it even more affordable to you.

Make hiring simple and fun

With DentAway you can make things simple and have more fun
With DentAway you can make things simple and have more fun

Seriously - I don't think anyone wants to complicate things. Dental recruitment processes is already time consuming and has it's own complexities. Not to mention the lack of integrated tools or team collaboration that lags behind.

We make dental recruitment simple, intuitive and modern. You can manage all your dental candidate data in one place and get rid of all unnecessary paperwork and other processes that are on your way. You have one click payments. Have all your team around you. All candidates in the same place. What's more beautiful than that?  

Free up time for care

With DentAway you can free up time for dental care
With DentAway you can free up time for dental care

Is it not caring for the dental patients that keeps you in the dentistry? Possible not many people want to spend hours per day to check dental compliance for people who apply for dental jobs. I certainly don't want that. Or who wants to chase payments or even spend time to draft an invoice? I prefer clicking a few times - and I'm done. How about checking which candidates meet my requirements? Fancy spending the day doing that? Hmmm.

We simplified and automated a lot of that so you can focus on serving patients. Dental recruitment is not time consuming anymore.

Try DentAway now.