A few things you should know

  1. DentAway is a dental recruitment platform built by dental professionals for dental professionals. It was build specifically with simplicity and automation in mind.
  2. The entire platform is specifically designed to save time for the whole dental recruitment cycle: from validating dental compliance, managing and interacting with candidates, recruiting team collaboration to auto-invoicing and payments for dental locum jobs.
  3. As a dental professional you don't have to actively look for a job to sign up. You should sign up anyway and great opportunities will come to you. You don't need to find them.
DentAway empowers dental practices to take control of their hiring strategy
We make dental hiring modern, simple and fun. 

Behind the scenes

DentAway was born out of a dentist's frustration with current dental recruitment systems and we thought we can improve the life of so many individuals by bringing dental hiring to the next level.

The team behind the platform is comprised of dental professionals (mainly dentists), web technologists and artificial intelligence specialists. We have deep understanding of the dental space as well as technical expertise for web, product, AI and cloud engineering.  

As of now, our aim is to simply connect dental professionals with dental practices and vice versa making this experience unique, modern and personalised. We are quite passionate to enable dental professionals to do what they are good at - and we take care of the rest. That’s why we built DentAway.

Right now, we are in beta mode which means all our services are completely free to use but rest assured - there will always be something free on us.

Try DentAway now

Next thing for you is to try DentAway.

If you are a hiring dental practice, this will be your best friend. It saves you a tone of time from day 1. You can find locum dentists, hygienists and nurses but also you can hire for your dental permanent jobs.

Don't look for dental jobs. Let the jobs come to you.