Why should you create a live professional profile?

Firstly, setting up your account with DentAway is simple. No lengthy sign-up, just click and select your information, and away you go!

By having an active and verified profile on DentAway, your account can be viewed by hundreds of dental practices actively looking for potential candidates.

Your online profile will highlight your recent employment and experience, qualifications, and dental compliance, making it quick and easy to match you with recent opportunities - whether that’s for temporary, permanent, locum or self-employed positions, in both the public and private sector. Normally, on your resume, evidence of dental compliance is very static, which means potential employers need to do extra work to verify it. But with DentAway, it’s all live - employers can check whatever is needed within a small number of clicks.

Your profile will be a complete view of your professional history, enabling employers to get to know you better by providing a simple summary of your experience for them to browse through. It can also include all your needs and preferences, from travel and location, to salary, your experience, qualifications, compliance, and availability.

Rather than you seeking out employers, dental jobs will come directly to you based on your account, positioning you as the ideal candidate.

You don’t need to tailor your profile as you normally would your CV when applying for a job; an online professional profile has to appeal to a much broader audience, meaning your profile can be shortlisted and looked at by employers who will be able to view your experience and see the fit for multiple roles straight away.

The information you display on your profile should be short and substantive, but you will not be as restricted such as when you are creating a physical resume. You can include keywords, accomplishments, and strengths within your online profile, giving you a greater chance of being selected by employers. Employers can then use tags to highlight key and memorable elements of your profile as they narrow down their search for the perfect candidate.

DentAway’s online professional profile and in-app chat, means you can interact with employers in real-time, and vice-versa. By including an in-app feature, this means that you can stay connected to other professionals and practices in dentistry, connections which may help you find a job in the future, or offer advice on your next career steps.

DentAway’s platform is clear, easy to understand and user-friendly. You can apply on the spot as opposed to emailing out your CV and waiting for a response. And it’s accessible. You can access DentAway wherever you are – don’t have time to review and apply right now? Save dental jobs and apply later. You can take control of your applications – see the status of applications and check out active and completed jobs all in one place.

And you can be notified in the way that you want, whether that’s by an email or SMS text notification, should any new job openings match your profile.

The great thing about DentAway’s online profile is that you can continue to update it – your experience will only continue to grow and change as you go through your career and that always needs to be reflected in your resume, whether that’s online or on paper. However, with just a few simple clicks, your DentAway online profile can be updated to reflect your new experiences or qualifications, keeping employers up to date with your progress and your professional status active.

The online professional profile is the way forward when searching for your next dental role.

DentAway was born out of a dentist’s frustrations with current dental hiring systems involving endless manual tasks, back and forth lengthy communication, and chasing manual payments and invoices.

DentAway addresses all of the above and has created a modern candidate management system that aims to make the dental recruitment process unique, modern and personalised for both dental professionals and the dental practice with everything in one place.

Don’t look for dental jobs. Let the jobs come to you.

Try DentAway now!