DentAway is a new, end-to-end recruitment platform for the dental sector that encourages dental practices to take control of their hiring strategy and therefore improve their overall recruitment process. DentAway can enhance your approach to recruitment by making it cost-effective, simple, and productive - here are a few ways that DentAway can help you improve your recruitment process:

Create clear and attractive job advertisements

It is important to create an effective job advertisement when seeking new talent for your practice. A clear and concise job description will help you and your team evaluate candidates on job-related criteria.

DentAway’s simple to use platform allows you to post your jobs for free. Not only will you save time using their ready-made templates, but you can click and select options to easily navigate the job posting.

The description box will allow you to provide candidates with specific details about the role, such as the position’s title, salary, responsibilities, and requirements; both essential and desirable. You can include specific dental skills and compliance requirements from Short-term Orthodontics to Paediatric Dentistry.

You can be sure that you will always receive job applications from dental professionals who are compliant with current regulations and who have the right experience in relation to the job description.

Once your job advertisement is ready, you can publish!

Manage candidates effectively

When evaluating candidates, it is crucial that you have a reliable screening method when selecting the most qualified applicants as part of your recruitment process.

DentAway’s Applicant Tracking System automatically creates a short-list of candidates who match your requirements, allowing you to easily keep track of applicants, and save time and money.

You can rank, star, tag, add team notes, view profiles, chat, and hire – all from one place.

DentAway’s vast network of dental professionals and in-app chat feature, will boost your candidate sourcing, and let you connect with potential contenders. Our in-app chat lets you get straight down to the job specifics and hire fast – whether that’s for a temporary, permanent, locum or self-employed position within the dental sector.

Ensuring communication with candidates throughout the hiring process is an easy way to keep them engaged. Plus, by maintaining an open dialogue with applicants through the in-app chat feature, this will positively reflect on your practice and business culture.

Collaborate with your team

It takes a whole team to successfully complete a dental hire. From discussing the job description, to the interview, to narrowing down your top choices. Collaboration is necessary when searching for your next team member.

DentAway’s team space has been built for your entire practice or organisation, and you can invite as many team members as you like. Want a second opinion on a dental candidate? Add your teammate as a ‘Viewer’. Want someone to pay the next locum invoice? Give your colleague admin access.

You can manage all dental jobs, templates, candidates, invoices, and payments with your team by your side and with DentAway’s handy Team Calendar to keep you organised.

By including your whole team in the process, you are ensuring that the results will serve the entire team, and that same team will be ready and able to support a new team player once they are onboard.

Enhance the candidate’s experience

DentAway’s integrated platform enhances the candidate experience because everything is in one place. A positive candidate experience will reflect well on your practice and help you to build a reputable pipeline for future recruitment drives.


Seamless  locum payments

DentAway have created a seamless dental locum experience where you can receive and pay locum invoices within a few clicks. Everything can be managed in the same place – it’s never been easier to hire.

DentAway understands the reality of being a locum, but our in-app locum invoices and payment system are there to make the recruitment process easier for both parties.

DentAway means that you no longer have to spend time on the repetitive tasks and complex operations often associated with the dental recruitment process. DentAway’s simple and efficient steps mean that you can focus more on what you do best – looking after your patients.

Improve your recruitment efficiency with DentAway. Try DentAway now!