The dental job market can be tricky to navigate at the best of times, but with the added struggle of the Coronavirus pandemic, recruitment in the dental sector has been hard hit by the pressures of Covid-19.

The competition has become tougher and both dental practices and dental professionals need to be a step ahead of the crowd if they are to continue growing and progressing professionally.

Here, DentAway outlines the different ways that you can use the platform to make the most out of your job search and stay ahead of the competition.

Let the jobs come to you

DentAway cuts down the time and effort you need to invest in looking for your next dental role. DentAway lets you create a live professional profile and browse job opportunities for free. You can search by job type, practice type, distance, availability, date specific and salary. And you can even save your searches and apply later if you need to.

Your active and verified account will store your credentials, including experience, qualifications, and compliance as it acts as a dynamic and live resume, highlighting your special skills to potential employers.

Using this information, along with many other factors, DentAway creates personalised job recommendations, which means that you will be matched with recent opportunities that fit with your requirements - whether that’s a short commute, a certain location, or in line with your availability - you can search for anything from a temporary role, to a permanent, locum or self-employed position, in both the public and private sector. Don’t look for dental jobs. Let the jobs come to you.

DentAway's innovative system can help you cut down your time hunting for your next job by bringing the jobs to you.

You can even chat inside the app, meaning once you connect with a dental practice, you can get straight down to the job specifics and ask any need-to-know questions. Use that open dialogue to impress practices and emit your professionalism, share your interview availability, or negotiate locum payments. You can even use the in-app chat channel to build working relationships and an effective network that may help you find a job in the future or offer advice on your next career steps.

Staying ahead of the competition

DentAway’s site is always up to date as employers advertise in real-time, which means you will be notified by email or SMS of new opportunities – giving you a head start in the application process.

You can even connect your calendar so you can stay on top of important dates such as application deadlines and that upcoming interview you’ve been prepping for. Or, if you’re a locum dental professional, you can easily connect your calendar and receive a locum recommended job based on your availability.

DentAway is all about giving you the best chance of finding the right dental role for you, all in one place. Our aim is to cut unnecessary costs, take the stress out of manual tasks and simplify the recruitment process, meaning everyone has more time to focus on what they love doing - taking care of their patients.

DentAway was born out of a dentist’s frustrations with current dental hiring systems involving endless manual tasks, back and forth lengthy communication, and chasing manual payments and invoices.

DentAway addresses all of the above and has created a modern candidate management system that aims to make the recruitment process unique, modern and personalised for both dental professionals and the dental practice with everything in one place.

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