Here’s how DentAway can help you hire the right candidate for your dental practice!

Create clear and attractive job listings

When creating a job listing, make sure it is as detailed as possible. Decide what your practice needs from a new team member right now and in the future.

Prepare and inform your team and gather their feedback on the role.

Make sure you have a clear picture of the type of person you want to hire in terms of notable dental skills, experience, and qualifications before moving forward.

Having a clear and concise job description will only help you and your team evaluate candidates on job-related criteria.

DentAway’s simple to use platform allows you to post your job listings for free. Not only will you save time using ready-made templates, but you can click and select options to easily navigate the job posting.

The description box will allow you to provide candidates with specific details and expectations about the role, such as the position’s title, salary, responsibilities, and requirements; both essential and desirable. Use this to encourage candidates to apply by pitching your practice and detailing employee benefits. Key information such as specific dental skills (including software), experience and requirements will be highlighted to the candidate within a single view, hence it’s important you specify this clearly.

Shortlisting candidates

When evaluating candidates, it is crucial that you have a reliable screening method when selecting the most qualified applicants as part of your recruitment process.

DentAway’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) - the only dental focussed ATS on the market - automatically creates a short-list of candidates who match your requirements, allowing you to easily keep track of applicants and focus your efforts on candidates likely to get hired. The short-list will rank matched profiles - the lower the rank, the better the match.

Our algorithm considers all of your job’s listed details and creates a profile match against each category, among other metrics, to identify risks and final hiring likelihood.

Use the ranking system to compare dental candidates and their profiles against your job description. Investigate their online profile and within clicks check them for dental compliance and qualifications. Even better, send them a quick message in our in-app chat feature, get to know them and observe their professionalism in real-time. This may help you decide whether you would like to take them forward to the interview stage, or not. Either way, our instant messaging service could save you crucial minutes that can be spent elsewhere on the practice instead of booking time out for a telephone, virtual or face-to-face interview.

You can rank, star, tag, sort, filter, add team notes, view profiles, chat, and hire – all from one place.

Improve your hiring process with DentAway

DentAway allows you to share your job opening across their network of hundreds of dental professionals – opening your pool of talent and introducing you to dental professionals from across the UK.

DentAway has a range of tools to help you collect the data you need to make the right decision.

By using DentAway, you can obtain all the relevant information you need about potential employees and take control of your recruitment process to find the best and most qualified candidate.

You can be sure that you will always receive job applications from dental professionals who are compliant with current regulations and who have the right experience in relation to the job description.

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