Hiring locum and temporary professionals to fill both planned and unplanned gaps in coverage is a smart way to keep your practice running smoothly. By hiring a locum dental expert, you will be able to keep to patient’s appointments, avoid any incurring costs due to staff shortage, and meet all staffing requirements by hiring a compliant, highly-qualified, GDC-registered dental professional.

Smart connections

When evaluating candidates, it is crucial that you have a reliable screening method when selecting the most qualified applicants as part of your recruitment process.

DentAway’s Applicant Tracking System automatically creates a short-list of candidates who match your requirements and preferences of location, role and salary, allowing you to easily keep track of applicants, and save time and money.

You can rank, star, tag, add team notes, view profiles, chat, and hire – all from one place.

You can be sure that you will always receive job applications from dental professionals who are compliant with current regulations and who have the right experience in relation to the job description.

Looking to fill a locum dental position quickly? Dental professionals can connect their calendars to DentAway, so you can ensure your locum vacancy highlights the dates you need covered using our easy to use job board. Say goodbye to the traditional back-and-forth of ‘when are you available?’

DentAway’s vast network of dental professionals and in-app chat feature, will boost your candidate sourcing, and let you connect with potential contenders. Our in-app chat lets you get straight down to the job specifics and hire for your locum position fast.

Find the staff you need now – DentAway makes finding locum dental professionals quicker, easier, and more reliable.

Pay like a boss

DentAway understands the reality of being a locum, but our in-app locum invoices and payment system are there to make the process easier for both dental practices and the professional.

No more filling out spreadsheets or logging onto an invoice templating site – DentAway’s seamless online invoicing software means you can send and receive locum invoices within a few minutes and manage everything in one place.

DentAway replaces the need for a locum recruitment agency by offering you a streamlined candidate management system with an on-site payment system. Cut out the unnecessary costs, get rid of the paperwork, and instead use our simple and intuitive system so you can spend more time focusing on your patients.

Find your locum experts directly with DentAway:

· Manage locum candidates with our automatic short-lists

· Direct communication with locum dental experts

· In-app locum invoices and payments

Join DentAway today and submit your locum vacancies for free.