Ready to take the next step in your dental career? Looking for a new challenge or a fresh start? Discover your next dental role with DentAway!

A new, end-to-end recruitment platform, DentAway is an effective and simple way to help dental professionals keep on top of their applications and narrow down their search for the perfect role. In fact, once you sign up, you don't even need to search for jobs, they will be suggested to you as per your preferences.

Personalised job recommendations

Working with a large network of dental practices and professionals, DentAway can provide you with a range of dental job opportunities - whether that’s for a temporary, permanent, locum or self-employed position, in both the public and private sector.

Setting up your account is quick and easy. No lengthy sign-up, just click and select your information, add your credentials and you’re ready to go!

By having an active and verified account on DentAway, your credentials can be viewed by hundreds of dental practices actively searching for potential candidates. Directly connecting practices and professionals, DentAway are cutting out the recruitment agency and enabling a direct route to your next dental role.

DentAway will match your profile to recent opportunities, sending you personalised job recommendations based on your needs and preferences, taking into account travel, location, salary, experience, qualifications, compliance, and availability. And you can be notified in the way that you want, whether that’s by an email or SMS text notification should any new job openings match your profile.

Manage job applications

In today’s dental job market, it is not uncommon to submit any number of applications before finding the right fit. Looking for a job can take up a lot of time and it can be difficult to keep track of, especially if you’re juggling numerous application deadlines and interviews.

DentAway enables you to take control of your applications. You can follow the status of active applications and review any already completed, while using DentAway’s smart tools to keep yourself organised and your job search focused.

You can keep up to date with your progress through notifications and stay on the ball should any jobs pop up in your area.

You can even chat inside the app, meaning you can connect with dental practices and get straight down to the job specifics and ask any need-to-know questions. Use that open dialogue to impress practices and emit your professionalism, share your interview availability, or negotiate locum payments.

DentAway is all about having access to easy communication at your fingertips.

Connect your calendar

Looking for a locum dental role? By connecting your calendar, you can easily view your availability should a locum position become available. And you can personalise your job recommendations based on that availability, meaning you can say goodbye to the traditional back-and-forth on ‘when are you available?’ when searching for your next locum or temporary position.

Once you have booked a job as a dental locum, it will automatically appear in your calendar. You will see all of your upcoming jobs in your calendar - you just need to get the job done!

Create locum invoices and get paid online

No more filling out spreadsheets or logging onto an invoice templating site – DentAway’s seamless online invoicing software means you can send and receive locum invoices within minutes.

DentAway understands the reality of being a locum, but our in-app locum invoices and payment system are there to make the process easier for you. Our streamlined service means that everything can be managed in one place. Our automated and secure system will save you time and money, and its instant delivery means faster payments.

DentAway was born out of a dentist’s frustrations with current dental hiring systems involving endless manual tasks, back and forth lengthy communication, and chasing manual payments and invoices.

DentAway addresses all of the above and has created a modern candidate management system that aims to make the recruitment process unique, modern and personalised for both dental professionals and the dental practice.

Don’t look for dental jobs. Let the jobs come to you.

Try DentAway now!