DentAway is a specialist dental recruitment platform, designed to manage dental candidates, job advertisements, locum payments, invoices, interviews and hiring.

Built by dental professionals for dental professionals, DentAway was created with simplicity and automation in mind. Every process and tool have been designed to save time and money and to create an efficient recruitment process that delivers successful results.

DentAway’s all-in-one hiring system means that everything you need for a dental hire is in one place.

We make dental hiring modern, simple, and fun – here’s why you should partner with DentAway:

                                                  Cut unnecessary costs

Having an integrated system like DentAway’s will not only help you hire the best applicants as quickly as possible, but it will lower your recruitment costs.

DentAway simply saves you money by saving you time. Not only will DentAway improve productivity through its Applicant Tracking System, but the automated processes such as our candidate short-listing feature and in-app chat will make your recruitment strategy cost efficient.

DentAway’s pricing is transparent. You only pay for what you use and always have something for free. Guaranteed.

                                            Make hiring simple and fun

DentAway means that you no longer have to spend time on the repetitive tasks and complex operations often associated with the recruitment process.

DentAway’s simple, intuitive, and modern recruitment system takes the stress out of manual tasks and gets rid of unnecessary paperwork and processes by integrating key tools for recruitment, such as simplifying the compliance process and enabling collaboration between teams.

It takes a whole team to do a successful dental hire, from discussing the job description, to the interview, to narrowing down to your top choice. Collaboration is necessary when searching for your next team member, which is why you can have your whole team around you during the process, ensuring that the results will serve the entire team, and that same team will be ready and able to support a new team player once they come onboard.

Not only will DentAway do all the above, but the integrated platform will enhance the candidate experience because everything is in one place. A positive candidate experience will reflect well on your practice and help you to build a reputable pipeline and network for future recruitment drives.

DentAway is all about making the hiring process modern, simple, and fun

                                                   Free up time for care

DentAway’s integrated hiring process is a simple and modern way to hire, and its simple and efficient steps mean that you can focus on what you do best – treating your patients.

Every step in the recruitment cycle is accessible, saves time and is easy to use – making sure you get as much time as possible to concentrate on delivering dental care.

1. You will always receive job applications from dental professionals who are compliant with current regulations.

2. Get an automatic short-list of candidates to help you focus your efforts on candidates likely to be hired.

3. Keep track of every dental candidate with the Applicant Tracking System. You can rank, star, tag, add team notes, view profiles, and hire - all from one place.

4. Chat directly with the candidates inside the app. Get straight to the job specifics and hire fast.

DentAway’s simple and efficient hiring process will set up your practice for hiring success

Improve your recruitment efficiency with DentAway. Try DentAway Now!